May, Day 5: Other Bloggers I Love

Today I am supposed to publicly profess and talk a little about my love and devotion to one of my blogger friends. I don't know that I actually have any blogger friends at this point, though I have encountered a few people in the last month and we seem to be exchanging comments fairly maybe these are blossoming blogging friendships - yay!

So for now, I will just talk about the blogs I particularly love to read. In recent posts I have mentioned a couple of blogs I started reading through the A to Z Challenge, so I will skip them here and just talk about my "old faithful" ones. These are the ones listed on my sidebar under "Blogs I Follow". I will probably add a few more there soon, but for now I will just talk about the five that have been there for a little while (they may not appear in the following order - they appear with the most recent post on top in my sidebar).

"Beware: the following blogs are liable to keep you hunched over your screen like so for endless hours.
I know from experience," I type, as my spectacles grow continually thicker and the hump
on my back protrudes ever more noticeably....
Offline by Paul Miller.
The source for this blog is a tech magazine, and it is written by one of the staff writers who spent the last year (from midnight May 1, 2012 to midnight May 1, 2013) without the Internet. He did not use email; did not consult online weather apps, maps, search engines, or social media; abstained from video game consoles that linked with other players via the Internet; did not download anything from iTunes; and even switched from a smartphone to a "dumbphone" and forewent text-messaging for the year. He did not use the Internet at all. Can you imagine what your life would be like for even one week without the use of any online resources? He delivered his articles each week by hand or postal mail, not email. On an almost weekly basis he wrote an article (which his coworkers posted for him) to let us know what life was like sans the World Wide Web. I found it very interesting. He is a GREAT writer. I hope he continues to blog now that this particular year-long experiment is over.

We're All Waking Up by Crosby Damron.
I "accidentally" ran across this blog through the promotion of the author's proud Auntie, who just so happens to be my favorite professor :). I have not met the author personally, but her viewpoints as expressed through her phenomenal writing are often different from my own. I love how she thinks about things. She is a young writer, I believe, but some of the lines she writes feel so burdened with wringable depth...she seems to be a proverbial "old soul" who cares very much about current issues of social justice. Her blog is beautiful - check it out!

Conversion Diary by Jennifer Fulwiler.
This blog has been part of my regular reading for several years. I recently began participating in "7 Quick Takes Friday", a bloghop hosted on this site, and love linking up with all the other participants each week - so many interesting bloggers! I think I may have found this blog through a reference in another blog I read at the time, Nunblog (wow - I haven't checked that one out in a while, but used to read it pretty regularly!). I kept coming back for more - her writing style is conversational and witty; her insights are deep; and her intelligence and commitment to learning is obvious. Those are probably the top three qualities I look for in a blogger. (I think this is the blog where I first ran across a reference to the Offline blog above, too!)

Unequally Yoked by Leah Libresco.
In my blog reader the title is "Uniquelly Yoked" - I assume there was a name change somewhere along the way, but I think both are creative. This author is all things smart. I learn so much when I read her blog! She also recently converted to Catholicism, so it has been interesting to ride along on her journey, a known writer from her days at (editing?) the Yale Daily News (I remember that because that's what Rory Gilmore did, too), from outspoken atheism to outspoken Christianity. Her blog provides a place where adherents to both sides of the "God" debate (not sure that is appropriate wording...) can argue/converse for deeper investigation into the subject. (Oh, hey - I also initially came across this blog through Conversion Diary!)

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary by Jamie Wright.
I have no idea how I bumped into this blog! I have been reading it for...more than a year, anyway, because I remember reading it in the last place I lived, which was over a year ago. The author is Christian...and she's human just like me! She might be considered a little some. But I really love reading what she has to say.

So...those are my faves!


  1. They seem a grand set of bloggers. I met some of mine in the first A to Z and we're still in touch.


  2. They sound wonderful. I haven't visited any of them, but I'm going to check them out now. I love how we all have a different set of favorites. It means everyone is a favorite of everyone else, as we all have different bloggers who resonate with us. :)

    Kristen's latest #BlogEveryDayInMay post: A to Z 2013 Reflections and Everyday in May: I Love My Fellow Bloggers!


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