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7QT - on Sunday!

---1--- Last Saturday (September 7) I went with a friend to the Greater Ozarks Bluesfest. It was a hot day, but not too hot, and for most of it we happily sat in our lawnchairs in the shade. Late in the afternoon, though, we were in the sun, but it cooled off quickly. So, all in all - great weather, great day.

Right from the start (about 2 p.m.) there were a few tipsy spectators who decided to dance. Do I think they were tipsy because they were dancing? No. Just see for yourself:

But then I recorded a little bit of a harmonica feature and got a nice surprise with dancers who were not tipsy! It was quite fun!

At one point one of the artists said, "I know this is a Bluesfest, but can I get away with playing a little soul?" I leaned over to my friend and said, "We all white here - we don't know the difference!" Here's a shot from when the saxophonist from the Selwyn Birchwood Band (my favorite band of the day) came down into the audience and was just a few…