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Ready To Take a First Step Back

So far this year I have read 39 of my goal of 40 books. Most have been fantasy novels, and several from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. This weekend I finally read the latest book from a blogger I began following around 10 years ago - One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler. That book inspired me last night to start One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Thus, I went to the park today, sat under a picnic shelter in the cool morning breeze of one of the latter warm days of summer, and listened to leaves flutter and acorns fall around me. I have decided to begin my own list of 1,000 things for which I am grateful.

The last few years my faith has dwindled and all but died. I haven't been terribly unhappy about this, but neither am I content. Regardless whether or not I believe, I NEED to rekindle eucharisteo (gratefulness - follow the link to read a bit about what Voskamp has to say on the subject), or else all my faith in anything good will eventually shrivel up and die.

Allow m…