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7QT - Happy New Year!

---1--- I skipped Quick Takes the last few weeks, due to general busyness (and not feeling like posting, I guess) I'll begin by getting you all caught up and tell you now about my New Year's Eve. I grabbed a friend and went downtown for a little while. My city sponsored an event at various venues for a single $8 ticket. We caught a couple songs by a big band, then saw a stand-up comedy routine by the Skinny Improv. They would ask audience members for suggestions for the scenes. At one point they asked, "What is the most unexpected thing you've ever found?" A little girl chimes up, "A green-necked snake in my back yard!" The guy goes, "Oh, wow - you just knew what it was when you saw it? A green-necked snake?" She answered, "Yeah. I'm a horticologist." After the comedy we walked over to the library where they were having a poetry slam. Apparently they have one here in town every month. I plan to go check it out at its usual…

Shoddy Reflection of Deity

I know.
The one-hundred-twenty-dollar jeans and the
Name-brand, form-fitting shirt and the
Sparkly, hangy-down things from the cute little crocheted hat...
All that stuff
draws attention to itself.
The Birkin bag and shiny, high-heeled crocs
Serve as tempting
Drawing the eyes and the
Mind away from what the bling disguises,
What the make-up hides,
What the glitter and highlights transform into an
The image we all strive to attain.

But try to see past all that.
Because underneath the grimy
Filter of fashion and
Caked-on cosmetics lies a
Person, just like you and me, with
Feelings, and family, and

Beauty is only skin-deep. It
But once the pesky prettiness is
Washed away, what
Remains is