Wednesday, December 9, 2015

You Just Had To Be There

I'm borrowing my mom's car temporarily, and it has a luxury I've never known before: I can hook my iPod up and play my music in it! I knew this technology existed for others, but it never has for me until now. I'm in love. And I've been hearing a lot of songs I forgot I had (because I haven't listened to my iPod in quite a while). Today on my way home from work, I heard this one:

Today I also had an old friend call one of my Facebook posts blasphemous. This was the post:

I shared the meme because I believe what it says. It's that simple. This is a theologically-inclined blog, but the last couple of years I haven't written much that has been theologically inclined, and what I have written probably didn't sound much like me to those who knew me previously. That's because what I believe has undergone a HUGE, slow change. I believe differently than I used to. Before I was ultra-conservative. Now I am pretty progressive. Before I was Pentecostal, now I consider myself a progressive Christian (who occasionally doubts the existence of God, if we're being honest). (But most of the time I believe.)

I'm not there yet. I am still on my journey. And just as I respect you and your journey, I would love it if my friends would allow me the freedom to come into the truth on my own terms and not theirs. I could (and no doubt will, to some extent) share my experiences and understanding as I feel like doing so, but my words are just black and white and inadequate to explain to those who knew me before how I got to where I am now. Like the song above says so much more eloquently than I, some of the things I have experienced, you just had to see it in color to really get it.

However, I will say this: I do not take my spiritual beliefs lightly, and I do not ever mean to treat others' beliefs lightly or disrespectfully. It is not my intention to blaspheme, I promise. I have come to believe what I do through living not-in-a-bubble, and through a TREMENDOUS amount of searching and studying. And, since I am not there yet, I believe my understanding of the truth will continue to evolve.

If my beliefs differ from yours, I hope you do not take that personally or feel attacked. They just do. I can't help it. It is where life has taken me. I wish you peace on your journey, and I will endeavor to not let naysayers ruin my own peace as I continue on my own.