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7QT - News!!

---1--- I FINISHED MY THESIS WEDNESDAY!!! The subject was "Pastoral Care (in a Christian Context) for Family Members of Individuals Who Complete Suicide." I cannot believe I'm done. I have now completed all the requirements for my M.Div.

---2--- Finally, after applying at countless places over the summer, I have found a second job! The final interview is tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10:30. The way the lady talked, she expects it to be a quick turnaround (I would assume it will require a background check first, though). The position will be a substitute paraprofessional at Springfield Public Schools. I'm so excited! This will give me the classroom experience they require for substitute I count this as an official beginning for my teaching resume for that beautiful day in the future when I finally become a professor. :)

---3--- Below is a link to the e-book that my paper on "A New Testament Theology of Inclusion From the Matthean Parables of Jesus&…

7 Quick Takes Friday - wherein I wax philosophical

---1--- The crow's feet that will all too soon
       characterize my features
       shall find their place in no small measure
       due to the delight that swells my heart
       when even briefly your voice finds my ear.
I would eagerly surrender my body
       to be irrevocably ravaged
       if it would but ensure
       your lasting peace and safety.
At the promise of your benefit,
       I would rush to face my deepest fears,
       my fiercest demons.
       I would unhesitatingly throttle and
       cast them aside.
The most sinister night of my life,
       with its angriest, most malevolent storms,
       would render itself pleasurable
       if I knew your love awaited me
       without reservation at its end.
A few moments of you in your fullness
       would be more than worth a trade,
       not only of all my bleakest tomorrows,
       but those with the brightest potential as well.
       If you desire them, they are yours.
       To you I freely give them; with you I long to share…

Livin' Rich

Ever since I heard of a bucket list (when the Jack Nicholson movie came out a few years ago), I have been interested in them, and even drawn up a couple at various times. Earlier this year I was inspired to make a 2013 Life List when I saw another blogger do it, and accomplishing the items on the list has been exciting! So this evening I was updating my list and adding a few items to next year's list, and I happened upon As I read down several of the lists of things people have included on their bucket lists, not only was I struck by many of the same things I would love to experience, but I realized I have experienced many of the things on other people's wish lists.

I've toasted marshmallows over a campfire (and was surprised to learn that there are people who have not!). I've swum in the Atlantic Ocean (or at least in the Gulf of Mexico!). I've made a charcoal drawing, and this year I even experimented with oil pastels. I've been to another c…

7 Quick Takes Friday - Aurora, Missouri edition

---1--- This week I went and visited my friend Jason's tattoo shop he opened in a nearby town a couple of months ago. I had been meaning to go see it since it opened but hadn't been able to until now. It's called Sundown Tattoo, in Aurora, Missouri.

---2--- Jason, Jamie, and I walked down the block to a local restaurant called Bootleggers for lunch. It is housed in a building that used to be a bank, and all its bankish features have been maintained, such as the teller cage up front and the vault, wherein they now have a microbrewery and make their own beer. Jason tells me they put the beer in a brown jug for you, complete with cork and sealing wax. (No, I didn't sample it.) I had no idea Aurora had a local beermaker! It is a town of about 7500 people. I found that interesting! 
---3---  On the way to the restaurant we saw a couple other interesting things around town. The pharmacy has barred windows. And lest you think this a superfluous measure, please note that ev…