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I FINISHED MY THESIS WEDNESDAY!!! The subject was "Pastoral Care (in a Christian Context) for Family Members of Individuals Who Complete Suicide." I cannot believe I'm done. I have now completed all the requirements for my M.Div.

Isn't she lovely? All 49 pages of her! <3 p="">

Finally, after applying at countless places over the summer, I have found a second job! The final interview is tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10:30. The way the lady talked, she expects it to be a quick turnaround (I would assume it will require a background check first, though). The position will be a substitute paraprofessional at Springfield Public Schools. I'm so excited! This will give me the classroom experience they require for substitute teachers...so I count this as an official beginning for my teaching resume for that beautiful day in the future when I finally become a professor. :)

Below is a link to the e-book that my paper on "A New Testament Theology of Inclusion From the Matthean Parables of Jesus" is published in. There are 5 or 6 other papers in the book (by other writers), too. It is a free download if you're interested! I'm not sure if it is immediately free of if you have to download a chapter and do a survey in order to get the rest free, but you're welcome to find out.


Last week, someone told me about the local damaged freight grocery store. I didn't know we had such a thing! So, I checked it out. There were some items there that I normally buy at the grocery store for significantly less; but most of the items were MUCH cheaper. I got name-brand dog food, cat food and cat litter (the same brands I normally buy) for a total of about $11 instead of about $17. Good deal!

My poor little container garden did not grow as well as I had hoped this year. Woh-woh-woh. I did get a tomato and a "miniature jumbo jalapeno" (it didn't get very big), but that is all. I enjoyed the tomato. The jalapeno needed picked early because it rained so much for the first half of August that the rest of the plant died and the pepper turned red...so I brought it in and decided I would use it in some chili.

I finally threw its softened little body in the garbage yesterday.

I also made chili yesterday. O.o

In case you haven't heard, the ELCA elected a woman bishop to preside over their denomination. I know most 7QTers are Catholic, so that will not be great news, but to me it is pretty respectable! So I decided in honor of the news I would find an Evangelical Lutheran Church to visit. I noticed a church on a road I never drive on the other day that caught my attention, and I thought, "That's the one!" So I looked up the service times and I DO plan to go there Sunday...but then I realized the church's name is Covenant Presbyterian. O.o It would appear I got my denominations mixed up! Oh well. The church looks interesting, and there is good representation of women on the pastoral staff, too (I think ALL the deacons were women), so it fits the occasion.

Since I've become a flaming liberal in several areas lately, I decided I might as well start recycling, too. So I did this week! I figure it is something that doesn't take much effort...it is something I can do. I just need to call the recycling center and find out exactly how to do it - do I need to separate recyclables by material? Do I need to take off labels? But I'm excited about it! Here goes my effort to take a little less time from the planet's life.

With that, I fare thee well and wish thee a blest weekend! P.S. I had technical difficulties for my last 7 Quick Takes Post and couldn't link up, so you can read it too if you want! :)

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  1. Hi. I'm one of the non-Catholic Quick Takes people. (I'm Lutheran, formerly ELCA and now AALC.)

    Congrats on finishing your thesis!

    A couple of my seminary classmates are from Bp. Eaton's synod and while they're happy that she was elected Presiding Bishop, they are seriously bummed to lose her as their synodical bishop because apparently she is made of awesome.

  2. I'll bet that IS a bummer. But how exciting that she can spread the awesomeness! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love recycling now that I live in a city that offers free curbside pickup. It is so easy because I don't even have to sort! It all goes into one container and gets put out next to the trash on Wednesday.

  4. Congrats on finishing your thesis!

  5. Your thesis sounds really interesting. I will have to check it out. Loved the photo of your little jalapeno :) My gardening skills are such that I get excited if anything sprouts and grows, no matter the size! Looking forward to hearing how your church experience goes. :)


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