7 Quick Takes Friday - Aurora, Missouri edition

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This week I went and visited my friend Jason's tattoo shop he opened in a nearby town a couple of months ago. I had been meaning to go see it since it opened but hadn't been able to until now. It's called Sundown Tattoo, in Aurora, Missouri.
This is the lobby area just inside the door and to the right.

My friend Jamie, Rick the tattoo artist, and Jason the proprietor.

Me and Jason, in the room where all the magic happens.
Jason, Jamie, and I walked down the block to a local restaurant called Bootleggers for lunch. It is housed in a building that used to be a bank, and all its bankish features have been maintained, such as the teller cage up front and the vault, wherein they now have a microbrewery and make their own beer. Jason tells me they put the beer in a brown jug for you, complete with cork and sealing wax. (No, I didn't sample it.) I had no idea Aurora had a local beermaker! It is a town of about 7500 people. I found that interesting! 
(I never tire of old ceilings like that!)


On the way to the restaurant we saw a couple other interesting things around town. The pharmacy has barred windows.
And lest you think this a superfluous measure, please note that even clothing stores in Aurora sell drugs. O.o
I am pleased to report the good folks at Jakel are bringing "a new standard of excellence" to the town. (Please enlarge the picture to see why I posted it lol!)

And one last stop before our trip to Aurora ended: the town's history museum! It was small, but I love history in any measure :).

This room comprised the whole of the museum.

An amazing quilt. This picture doesn't even do it justice.

Enlarge and read the card with this little dress!!

You only THOUGHT you were acquainted with the dentist of hell....
 I attempted to visit the Brick City art gallery of Missouri State University this week. Unfortunately, though I arrived during posted business hours, the gallery was closed. But I walked the hallways anyway and this caught my eye:

Many evenings I like to watch the sunset out on my second-storey balcony, where my pets like to join me. My cat loves to do a balancing act and walk across the balcony rail. It always reminds me of some old cartoon from when I was a kid, in which these alley cats would dance and sing across a fence all night so no one could get any sleep. I couldn't find a clip of it on Youtube (probably because I can't remember what it was called), but here is a similar one to awaken your own cat-on-fence nostalgia:

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
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