Livin' Rich

Ever since I heard of a bucket list (when the Jack Nicholson movie came out a few years ago), I have been interested in them, and even drawn up a couple at various times. Earlier this year I was inspired to make a 2013 Life List when I saw another blogger do it, and accomplishing the items on the list has been exciting! So this evening I was updating my list and adding a few items to next year's list, and I happened upon As I read down several of the lists of things people have included on their bucket lists, not only was I struck by many of the same things I would love to experience, but I realized I have experienced many of the things on other people's wish lists.

I've toasted marshmallows over a campfire (and was surprised to learn that there are people who have not!). I've swum in the Atlantic Ocean (or at least in the Gulf of Mexico!). I've made a charcoal drawing, and this year I even experimented with oil pastels. I've been to another country (Mexico, before a passport was needed) and lived in another state. I've been published several times and even contributed to an actual book to be published this Fall (eek!). Rock climbing - check (in Palo Duro Canyon outside of Amarillo). Explored a couple of caves, though I would love to see many more. I've made pottery; visited Washington DC; ridden roller coasters; learned foreign languages and musical instruments; walked, sung, watched a football game, and washed my hair in the rain (all at various times); gotten lost in cornfields; caught fireflies; built snowmen and snow forts; and gone to college (more times than I ever meant to).

Yes, I've read a novel in a single day (though it's been a while). Acted in a play. Addressed a national board comprised only of men. Helped plan national conferences. Been to quite a few concerts. Survived two direct hits from tornados, one an EF-5 (that's one I wouldn't want to repeat...the experience part, not the surviving part). I've been horseback riding, ridden innertubes on a lake and down a snowy hill, sung on stage in front of hundreds of people, and told stories to children while someone interpreted them into the children's native language. In junior high I won the school spelling bee. I've hiked in state parks and gone canoeing. I've driven school and church buses in at least three different states. Read the Bible (twice). Glow-bowling - yes!

I've taught young children to pick their noses when their mothers weren't looking, and I've caught adults picking theirs when they thought no one else was looking.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, though there are still a whole lot of things I want to do, I've had some pretty cool experiences! Occasionally I struggle with existential angst, or even deep, dark depression and excessive misery. But when I stop to think about it, life isn't all that bad! In fact, when I think of it this way, it's even kind-of thrilling.

I look forward to checking more things off my list in the coming months, and if you have never made a life/bucket list, I encourage you to try it too!


  1. So true. I think we often focus so much on what we want to do, that we forget what we've achieved so far.

    It's good to actually see what we've done. :-)

  2. Happy Trails and adventures my friend! May you find the courage to attempt those things you neglected putting on your Bucket List because you fear you could never accomplish something so great (at least that's why I haven't been completely honest about all things I really do wish to accomplish in my lifetime). And congratulations on living and not simply existing. You're a role model to me in that respect. Well, in a lot of respects actually! But that's a comment best left for one of your future blogs I suspect!

  3. Isn't the Palo Duro Canyon beautiful? Love it.

    I envy you your trip to Washington DC; I've always wanted to go there. Consider it on my bucket list. :)

    Sometimes we can get so bogged down by what is not happening or what we haven't done that we can forget so many experiences that we've already checked off that list, and how fortunate we are to have had those experiences - the good ones.


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