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What's All the Fuss About Sin?

In my Homiletics class this semester we are preaching from the Book of Revelation. Today was a preaching day, in which several of my classmates orated their sermons to the rest of us. One of them in particular gave me some clarity on an issue I've been struggling with lately having to do with the relevance of preaching on sin.

Basically, my struggle has been with the judgmentalism I have perceived in Christianity. MANY times I have needed grace, and many times I have needed time to overcome certain sins in my life. I think I owe others the same grace. And often, I have been condemned and judged by well-meaning Christians for things the Bible does not label as sin; basically, people demand that I live by their personal convictions. And of course, being the stubborn girl I am, I refuse to give in to their demands.

Not only this, but I see in Scripture an emphasis on loving God and one's neighbors. I think many/most sins are rooted in the fact that they hurt God or other people…

Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

I've decided to take part in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge this year! Beginning Monday, April 1, you write a post each day of the month except Sundays, beginning each with the next letter in the alphabet. In keeping with my normal blog contents, I will be posting on theological topics (a tentative list of which I will post at the bottom of this entry). However, I am trying to make my blog posts more blog-like (with pictures sometimes, and links to other pages - more multi-medial) and I am going to give myself a word limit for each post so the month of posting does not become too overwhelming for me to write or for other participants to read. I am looking forward to the challenge!

Here are my subject ideas:

A – Avarice: Deadly Sin 1 of 7 B – Blasphemy: The Unforgiveable Sin
C – Calvinism
D – Death or Dispensationalism
E – Envy: Deadly Sin 2 of 7
F – Fundamentalism or Feminist Theology
G – Gluttony: Deadly Sin 3 of 7
H – Homosexuality
I – Inerrancy vs. Infallibility