May, Day 12: I Miss Family

Today was Mother's Day. I am late getting this post up, but it fits, because the prompt is to tell about who/where/what I miss, and today I very much missed family.

Most of the time, I love where I am (Missouri). I moved here from Ohio almost 11 years ago, and it has been long enough that most of the time homesickness is a thing of the past. Even on holidays - occasionally I get to be home for one, and many others I have spent with dear friends who are like family. A few have passed just like any other day, not really special, not really lonely...just another day in this interesting life. But then there are some holidays, like today, when I realize the years are ticking past and I think about how I will feel about all the holidays I "missed" when various family members are no longer around to spend them with. Today I missed being near family.

Sometimes it is so easy to take for granted having those people you can just "pop in on" unannounced and walk in their house without even knocking...and they are glad to see you! Or being able to pick up the phone or send out a few texts and arrange a spontaneous game night. Or just run around with someone while they run errands and pay bills. I miss that. I had all those things to a degree in Joplin. I actually thought about driving down there today, but I am saving up money for a vacation, so decided to sleep for work tonight instead.

I woke up in a much better mood. But I missed talking to my mom on the phone. I was going to call her in the morning, but when it came time I figured it might be better to wait until she got out of church (I assume she went), and then I was ready for bed. So I texted that I would call her later in the evening. Later in the evening I got a text from her that she had to go in to work early (she works third shift too). So I will just have to call her tomorrow. But when I am already in a fussy mood, things like that just make me feel like a horrible daughter. :/ (Don't worry, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.)

So there you go. You asked for it, and that is me in a not-so-chipper frame of mind.


  1. Great post Melody, we celebrate Mother;s Day in March so it was an ordinary day here.


  2. I'd rather have that then you tell us everything was great, when it really isn't. Realness is very important.

  3. I spent about 15 years a long but drivable distance from family (6-8 hours) and that always seemed about right--I could get to visit a few times a year... Now I'm all the way across the country and I really miss my family, too.

  4. If I were a betting person I'd say something like this: "I bet your Mama knows you love and think of her often."
    Since I don't bet, I'll just lay it on you straight, as the arrow darting from your Mama's heart to your's: "I love you and it doesn't matter that we missed a phone call on a Hallmark holiday. I know you love me on those ordinary, less than fun days, the ones where you are tired, or I am worn."
    Yep. So just take it from a mama (me) who knows that she is human and so are her daughters (M1 and M2). We love each other, period.
    You are such a sweet person, try not to fret.

    1. Thank you, friend, for those sweet words! Made me smile :). I am feeling better. And I did call her the next morning on her way home from work, so I don't feel so bad about not calling on Sunday. Your thoughtfulness is touching!

  5. I miss Mum and Dad, you never appreciate what you have till they are gone. Passing through on my roadtrip

  6. In my family, somehow we have ended up living near each other. We all sort of ending up congregating in the same area. For my sister and I, if we need our respective children watched, we are like 15 minutes away. And I agree, there are friends that become 'like family.' But when I have occasionally fantasized about us living somewhere else in the world, maybe even overseas, I know I couldn't. I would miss all of the people that I care about who live near me WAY too much.

    One way to look at it...even texting your mom was a way of reaching out to her, even if you didn't get to talk long. You remembered her. I can only imagine that in itself says you care.

    I hope you're feeling better.


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