O: Oh, What a Glorious Feeling!

I thought today we could talk about those moments of life “that take your breath away”. You know…moments when you get a thrill of excitement, or anticipation makes you almost float away from the spot where you’re standing…those moments that make other moments seem dull. 

One of my favorite experiences is seeing people or animals playing when they don’t know they are being observed (not that I’m a creeper or anything…). But really – just watching little kids use their imaginations – even together sometimes! – to relocate themselves to a faraway land in need of a hero; it is so fun! You witnessed a unique moment of innocent joy. Once I was at my mom’s house and everyone else had gone somewhere. I was sitting on the couch in the living room, watching tv or something, and when I looked down my mom’s cat was crouching, about to pounce on an unsuspecting toy my little sister had left in the floor. He would pounce and run away…and then stealthily reapproach and do it again. It was so cool to watch this little creature enjoy life in its own creative little way.  

These things make me think what it must be like for God to watch us live our lives. The moments when we feel joyous and carefree, even when we think there’s no one else watching us dance around the house naked, must make Him smile (not that God’s a creeper or anything…).  

It makes me think further about the sights on earth that no person will ever see. Like a flower that blooms in the corner of a meadow in the middle of a forest in Africa. Or the moment a bee crawls out of its little hole in a nest somewhere for the first time…or a baby bird catches its first uplifting wind. 

Do you think He experiences our memorable moments with us? The exhilaration when a baby achieves his first few fumbling steps toward freedom and mobility? The parents’ pride that their prodigy has reached such an important milestone? The cat’s horror as the little one waddles towards it and almost manages to clutch its tail in his sticky hand? Maybe God’s delight is taking in all the different experiences of the moment at once.  

What are a few of the moments that make you feel most alive or enthusiastic about being alive? 

That moment… 

…when awakening sunshine evaporates the fog of an autumn morning.
…just before your lips connect with those of your lover’s.
…when you witness the first moments of a new life.
…when you’re walking in an autumn drizzle and you smell the dampened leaves.
…when your plane touches down safely on the runway.
…when you feel the sand beneath your feet and see the ocean for the first time. 

Oh, what a glorious feeling!


  1. Oh what a wonderful up lifting post, full of optimism for the new day. Thank you,


  2. Lovely thoughts to start the morning.

  3. Our littlest still climbs into bed with us sometimes. It takes my breath away when I look at his sleeping face next to me.

  4. I was recently with my grandson, who lives in CA so I had a lot of memorable moments. I loved taking him in for his nap and watching him thrash as he fought sleep, then finally give in.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  5. Yes, I do think He shares our moments with us. Anytime I see something that makes me stop and remember how much He loves me. The sky, a mountain, a butterfly, my family, an answered prayer. Every day is so full of moments to remember.

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  7. What a fun post! I love the photo. I love waking after having enough sleep, that always makes me enthusiastic. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com


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