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I love That ‘70s Show. And because it is always possible to make time to waste, I have been watching through the seasons on Netflix.  

In Season 2 Episode 23, Kitty decides to give her kids, Laurie and Eric, the choice of whether or not to go to church (though when they choose not to go, she is surprised and upset by it). But their decision to stay home does not deter her; she graces their usual pew in front of the Pinciotti family anyway, alone. The loveable pothead Leo shows up at church, sits by Kitty, and in his serious, casual way tells her, “I love it here, man. The guy up there tells stories, that guy wails on the organ, you can sing as loud as you want. It’s almost a religious experience. I kind of think this is what heaven’s gonna be like, you know. Plus they’ll have an open bar.” In the immediately following scene, Kitty imagines standing with her family in line at the pearly gates and being told they cannot enter because they didn’t go to church. In come the Pinciotti family, and they are admitted because they did go to church. The daydream ends with Leo and Kitty still in the pew. The usher holds the offering plate in front of Leo, so Leo takes a couple of dollars and says, “Thanks, man.” Classic. J 

The whole episode, in an irreverent and hysterical way, considers the message of Christianity. And though it doesn’t wax terribly deep, and though it mocks the whole idea of church a bit, it goes to show that everyone, “religious” or not, considers questions of a metaphysical nature. Perhaps this is evidence of the remnants of a prevalent conservative Christian culture. Perhaps it is evidence of “eternity in the hearts of men.” 

I’m not sure what heaven’s “open bar” will look like J, but I imagine whatever God has prepared for us will completely blow our minds. ...And I don't think getting there is at all based on church attendance (though church attendance can be a really good thing, and helpful in one's spiritual walk).

To be quite honest, I rarely think about heaven. I’m pretty consumed with thoughts of this life. It seems like heaven used to be emphasized a lot more, at least in my church tradition.  

Do you ever think about heaven? What/whom do you hope to find there? Why do you think there is less emphasis on heaven now than there used to be? Do you believe everyone goes/will go to heaven, or do you also believe in hell…or something entirely different? Who's your favorite character on That '70s Show? (Mine is Hyde.)

P.S., I can’t think of anytime I knew of anyone taking money from the offering plate, but I did used to know a lady who would make change from it J.


  1. Nice post Melody,
    I guess I don't think about heaven much, there is so much to do here for the kingdom. I think about the sheep and the goats and wanting to hear the Father say well done. I'm with Colm Kirwan http://youtu.be/_u1TBtZegBo
    and want to use my time here to store up plenty of lumber for when I do get there.Beyond that for me its more about following the Holy Spirit day by day and being available to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

    Nice to be finding more believers in A-Z land.

    Margot at A Devotional Mosaic and Spark My Creativity

  2. We here don't get all your TV shows, this sounds a good programme.
    Well written and a pleasure to read.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  3. Years ago I watched That 70's Show everyday (we had no cable) I think all the characters were great! It was an awesome show for sure!
    As far as Heaven, I don't really think about it daily. I do feel like I'll see my loved ones and I think it does exist. I just don't think most people think a lot about it. Isn't that future planning to the extreme? Haha :P

    Love your post!

  4. I loved Leo, he was so lovable in a weird way!

  5. There's an old saying,"Some people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good." Like you, I don't think about Heaven much. I believe in Jesus as my Savior and that assures me of it. I am more concerned with trying to live a life that says, "Thank you, Lord, for loving and forgiving me." So nice to find kindred spirits in the A to Z.
    Pam at 2 Encourage


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