N: NOT Following the Beaten Path

Because the beaten path is boring.

Or maybe it is not always boring...but the fringes usually seem to be less boring.

For instance, if given the choice and I'm not running characteristically late, I will pretty much 100% of the time take the scenic route: I love back roads! (Maybe that is why I am characteristically late....) I've also been a loner all my life. I like people and all, but more often than not I can be found doing my own thing, alone, while everyone else is doing their thing, together.

Why did I choose this subject for today? Because I was sitting out on my balcony and spotted one of my neighbors who always catches my attention. He looks to be around 60ish, with longish white crazy hair and a long white goatee. Every time I see him he is wearing the same outfit: a black biker's cap, and a black women's jumpsuit cosisting of flare-legged pants and a long-sleeved jacket with pink side panels. He also always has a small purse over his head and one shoulder. He is tall and skinny and always out walking.

And he's nice. Whenever I wave to him he waves back. And one day we were both walking down the street at the same time, in different directions, and when we met I smiled at him and he decided to speak. "You look familiar - do I know you?" I said, "I don't think so...but I live nearby (in the building right next to his, but I didn't add that) so you've probably seen me around." He nodded and just stood there for a couple of minutes...I think we might have small-chatted about the whether. It seemed like he just kind-of liked the company. Not in a needy way, but just enjoying the friendliness. Then we walked on in our separate ways.

I can't keep my overactive mind from creating backstories about him. They usually aren't too detailed, but he is just so interesting! ...so different from the other people I see from day to day.

Eccentricity is underrated. It makes the world a more interesting place.


  1. I loved this, and that picture is so awesome.


  2. I love the back roads too! They are always more fun than the road everyone else takes. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com


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