My 2013 Life List

Last night I was inspired to write a "Life List" for 2013 - things I want to accomplish THIS YEAR. I guess you could say:
It is likely I'll add things as I go, but here is what I have so far:
1.      Get a tattoo     Done – February 27
It's a tree that was in the Joplin tornado, after it had begun to regrow.
To me, it represents resiliency and hope.
2.      Graduate from AGTS
3.      Enroll for next degree program

4.      Finish my apartment

a.       Office

b.      Bedroom

5.      See the ocean  Done – May

6.      Visit Atlanta  

7.      Go to a rodeo     Possibly in September

8.      Participate in 7 Quick Takes   Done – March 14

9.      Run the 2-mile trail at the Nature Center
10.  Private                                                                      Done - March 16

11.  Start a for-real savings account

12.  Private

13.  Volunteer at The Kitchen

14.  Go to the St. Louis Zoo

15.  Spend a day on the lake

16.  Visit the art galleries of Springfield                          Visited several - End of March

17.  Participate in the April A to Z Blog Challenge          Scheduled – April

18.  Get my CCW

19.  Go hunting

20.  Visit the Springfield history museum

21.  Attend a Springfield Cardinals baseball game           

22.  Attend an Evangel University football game

23.  Attend a Missouri State University football game

24.  Private


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