7 Quick Takes Friday - personal introduction

--- 1 ---
I have been following 7 Quick Takes for several years now and intended to participate for some time, but this is my first post! So exciting.
--- 2 ---
Today we preached the second sermon in our series in my homiletics class. The series is on Revelation. In this video, first is my series introduction, then my second sermon (I was not in class the day our first sermons were recorded). Some of you had requested the videos, so here is one! Remember we had a time limitation (15 minutes for the sermon); and also, I hear the camera adds about 60 pounds. I think my biggest self-critique would be that I smiled entirely too much - gotta work on looking more serious! ;)
--- 3 ---
If you are going to be reading my blog, perhaps you would like to know a little more about me. This would be a great place to introduce myself! I am a seminarian and will be finishing my MDiv this year. Next? I am not entirely sure. Possibly, I will study History at Missouri State University, but eventually I will get a doctoral degree in Theology. I want to be a professor when I grow up. From Ohio, I have lived in Missouri for about 10 and a half years now. I love it here. I also love music (listening to Mumford & Sons and Alison Krauss as I type this post), nature, and quiet. I occasionally smoke a pipe - not so much because I am a smoker, but because I like the ambiance. It's all about the ambiance. Fantasy fiction and creative historical nonfiction are my favorite genres to read...along with anything else that catches my interest. I hope to write both fiction and nonfiction someday.
--- 4 ---
I have ADORABLE pets!
--- 5 ---
I have big plans to participate in the April 2013 A to Z Blogging Challenge, which involves blogging each day of April excluding Sundays (=26 days). In keeping with the rest of my blog, the theme will be theological; but that does not mean the posts will be stuffy or even somber! Hopefully, some of them will be fun and at least most of them will be creative. And you never know with me - some of the content just might be surprising. I have tweaked my list of subjects a little since I originally posted them.
--- 6 ---
Coffee. One of my favorite things. Just saying.
--- 7 ---
For your viewing pleasure, an excellent little bluegrass ditty:
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  1. For some reason, your post has gone completely across the page and into the sidebar making it very hard to read.

    Anyway, gorgeous little shih tzu!

  2. For some reason my blog is not letting me reply to your comments individually (I will have to figure out why!).

    But thank you, Sherry - they are a lot of fun!!

    And Wendy, thank you for letting me know. On my screen it is formatted correctly, so I am not sure what the difference is. I will look into it. And thank you - I love him!


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