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My friend has a dog. I have a dog. 90% of the time, said dogs get along splendidly. They run and laugh and share inside jokes and sit around the campfire at night playing their guitars and singing songs about how they once asked their fourth grade teacher if she wore a wig. 95% of the time even. But that other 5%...?
Friend's dog gets jealous of my dog, or else my dog gets a little too rough while playing, and, long story short, friend's dog decides to eat my dog's face. And when they go at it, it is very difficult to break up the fight, and one of us (me) almost always comes away with a battle scar. This tends to make me mad irate at friend's dog and declare that something must be done to fix this situation!
Today my friend was the one who got caught in the flurry (or furry? hyuck hyuck) of teeth and claws, and at the end, my friend was the angrier of us.
I just thought that served as a really great illustration of how we fight more boldly for issues of justice that directly affect us than for those that don't.
(P.S., If anyone has any recommendations for strategies or resources for helping dogs with jealousy issues in new multi-pet families, or from playing aggressively, I would love to hear them!)

Doom and gloom
Many a dreary day I have spent these past three weeks wondering if I was going to die. I have been so sick. My immune system was down because of one particularly potent infection, so I ended up getting the flu (I think), an internal organ seriously altered through fever and medication, and strep throat in addition to the original infection. All at the same time!! Missed almost three weeks of work and tonight (Thursday) is my first night back since March 15! I am so glad to be counted among the living again.
Delirium-inspired creativity
While I was in bed with a fever, at one point I caught myself composing my own eulogy. Then I realized I was composing a poem about me composing my own eulogy. But then...Eureka! I got a great idea for a kids' book! Not a small children's book, but like an elementary-age thing, kind-of like Junie B. Jones. I want to share it with you guys, but I think I'll hold off on that. The idea is so good that if I discover it has not been done already, I probably will actually pursue writing it. I love it when good ideas come! It provided a little bit of a silver lining to being stuck in a bed for two weeks.
Darlings from Pompeii
Went to the cheap theater the other night and watched Pompeii. There were several other couples there. This one guy who looked maybe in his late 70s came in with a walker and made his way to a few rows in front of where we were sitting and sat down. A few minutes later he was joined by his hot chick (she was older, too, but looked to be in better physical condition), and sho' 'nuff, they started kissing right there at the movies! I waited until they weren't kissing anymore, because I didn't want to be completely disrespectful, but snapped this picture of them (still during the previews):
But honestly, doesn't everyone want a love like that?! It was very sweet. :) I leaned over to Glenda and said (remember, how I didn't want to be completely disrespectful, but only a little bit?), "This will probably be an emotional movie for them - they probably lost a lot of friends at Pompeii."
Down on the farm
I was feeling a little better this past Sunday (the strep was only barely beginning), so we decided to go out and enjoy some fresh air. We went out to a local lake and sat on the dock for a little while and let the dogs enjoy some freedom from the apartment, too. On the way out, we noticed a couple of tractors parked behind a building, and I have always wanted to do a photo shoot with farm and/or construction machinery, so we took our chance. Here I am behind the wheel of a John Deere:
Dealin' with the feelin's
While I was sick I had two country songs that kept playing over an over in my mind. I'll finish my Takes out this week with those. The first was because of a little bitterness I've been feeling over a couple of "friends" whom I have recently discovered do not seem to define "friendship" the way I do.

Drama ;)
And the other one was, I think, inspired by my melodramatic persuasion that I was at death's door...but counting the many blessings I'd had during my short sojourn on this old earth.

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  1. Jamie LedgerwoodApril 4, 2014 at 1:33 AM

    Of all my friends I find you to be the most insightful and honest about self. And you're just plain hilarious! I'm so glad you didn't croak! (I have absolutely nothing in my closet to wear to a funeral.) But be warned - if you crack a Pompei joke in my presence I'll kick yer arse. I might have to creak to get my leg up that high, but yer gonna get it!

  2. I haven't seen the Pompeii movie, but I read a book about it, kind of a docu-novel. Three years ago, when we were on summer vacation in France and Italy, we went to see Pompeii. It's one of the coolest places I've ever been >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. Found you via 7QT...and though I might be hesitant to let my kids read a delirium induced children's book, I'm sure me and my husband would love it. So, you should write it. :)

  4. I'm sorry you've been sick and hope you're doing much better now.

    Delirium can bring great (and strange) story ideas. I've had hallucinations before because of the medication I was taking and I wrote them down for future inspiration. It's funny that you mentioned you might write the children's book you thought of because my post for C was about how to write children's books. :D

  5. I've read some books, I swear the writer was delirious when they wrote it- that didn't make it bad, but definitely memorable.

  6. My entire life I've lived in multi-dog situations, and there have been some epic fights with humans ending up at the hospital getting stitches multiple times. Luckily the fights are rare, and we try to avoid situations that caused scuffles.

    Sorry to hear you've been sick but happy to hear it led to a story idea you're excited about!

    Dropping by via the A to Z challenge,

  7. Damn on the being sick! And on the doggie woes. We have that problem at my moms and it's so frustrating. Glad your buddy got a taste of your side of it though hope all pups are okay!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.


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