"Robin Williams Was a Coward and Is Probably in Hell"

Okay, so I know this is "old news" already, but I need to say something concerning Robin Williams. Most of what I read/heard about his death was nothing short of loving, compassionate, and sorrowful to learn of the deep despair he experienced. But those views that were critical were really grating to me - to use a cliche, like nails on a chalkboard. I'm not going to link to any of those critical viewpoints here, because I don't wish to give them any more publicity; but you know what I'm talking about - Rush Limbaugh, the news anchor dude who referred to Williams as a coward and then apologized because people expressed disapproval of his viewpoint, and Matt Walsh, among others.

First, the reason I even felt the need to address it here is that all this harmful noise reminds us that there is still a rampant disregard and stigmatism out there for the legitimacy of mental illness (including depression), even in the mainstream. Second, I just can't understand sometimes how people can hold so tightly to their own rigid stance against compassion!

When I think about Williams' last moments, I think of the weight he carried, knowing full well what headlines would be made if he ended his own life - he knew the people he cared about would experience enormous ignorant backlash, and still he didn't manage to overcome his despair that evening. He knew what it was to care about others and devote one's energies to bringing multitudes happiness and friendship - yet still he couldn't find the strength to cling to life for one more day.

It's because when a person is suicidal, he or she is not thinking rationally. I say this from experience. In fact, it is almost as if all feeling ceases at this lowest moment of all. No meaning can be found in anything - not in all the blessings one has in this life, not in all the things/people that have brought one joy, and not even in the faith one deeply holds in the Good News of Jesus Christ. The next day a suicidal person may not feel suicidal at all; he or she may go about life as if the previous night's desperation had never occurred...but then it always comes again, and then those "good" moments cannot be grasped. It's like they never were, just like when things are good, it is as if the low moments never were.

It is not a matter of strength of will.

Are there spiritual aspects to depression? Probably. But there are aslo VERY REAL biological, emotional, and physiological aspects as well. Something is broken.

If you can't understand it, that is okay. I'm so glad you have never experienced it before!! But PLEASE stop talking in judgment against those who have, and those who have succumbed. Leave it to God to decide those people's eternal fate. Yes, continue to preach hope and love to those who desperately need it; but please do so without heaping upon them shame and guilt and fear of Divine Retribution for their weakness.

Judgmental Christian, I ask you this: What kind of God do you worship? Are you okay with that?!



  1. Well put! However, I believe there is a degree of personal accountability we shouldn't ignore that is there before the decision to kill yourself is made; but only if support and help have been made available and the person turns it away. Add drugs and alcohol to the mix and it's almost a given the help won't be received, the treatment plan will be pushed away, and the depressed person becomes a victim of depression rather than a survivor of that darkness. Chemical depression is treatable if help is made available and consistent support given. I don't believe there is a spiritual depression because agnostics, atheists, and even rebellious baptists have survived the hopleess black hole of depression based suicidal ideations by following the regiment of chemical treatment plan. Depression is a disease much like alcoholism in that a person has to want the help, stays willing to follow their treatment plan and willing to accept the help and support being offered. Really hard to do from the bottom of the pit, but you have to make yourself keep going. Medicine helps you overcome.If you suspect someone you know might be suicidal, please confront them with compassion and the heart to help find them resources and support. Don't be afraid they will kill themselves if you ask. Be afraid they will if you don't.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog and I agree. We all have our own opnions and thats ok. But when we start to judge others then we are in the wrong. God is our judge and only God knows what others don't, he knows our heart our every thought and only God knew what tormented Mr. Williams. Thats not to say that I would have made that choice, but I am different and thank the Lord that I have never felt that way. I pray for those who suffer with any desease.Thank you for sharing Melody and hope life Iis going well for you :)

  3. Very well put. On my blog today, I have a short commentary by my friend (and boss) Al Kresta of Ave Maria Radio's Kresta in the Afternoon about the death of Robin, and how Christians should respond to depression and suicide.
    The Starving Inspired

  4. What kibd of God do you worship? That's an intetesting question that I want to answer. s you know, I'm an Atheist, and don't believe in any god, but let's pretend, for a moment that I do.

    I could believe that there is some kind of Univetsum God, who started the universe (some 13 billion years ago) and designed the laws of physics that took care of the rest. This could explain the ultimate durations that science can not explain.

    I do not believe in the tevengeful God of the Old Testament, nor the God of the Quran (Allah). I think Jesus is a cool guy, a free thinker and rebel of his time, but he's not God.

    In general, I find the idea of the one and only true God to be quite ignorant. The geographical correlation is too strong. There are many Muslims in Arabia, and many Catholics in Italy. They just stayed with the God they was tougjt in their childhood. It's purely cultural. If God is almighty, he could manifest himself as different local gods in different parts of the world.

    Amen >:)

    Cold As Heaven


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