7 Quick Takes Friday - 5 W's, How, and a Bloghop Announcement

Aloha Friday Blog Hop

Who. Okay, I got tired of being the last person on earth to have not seen Doctor Who, so I commenced watching on Netflix this week. It took me at least two-thirds of the way through the first episode to decide the "fascinating" factor overpowers the "creepy/corny" factor just by a smidgeon. Wow! I think I'm hooked! The first episode even had zombies without having disgusting, dead...zombies. Impressive. (We'll ignore the fact that episode 3 may or may not have real zombies.) I think this is what the nerd in me has been looking for in a TV show.

What. Would anyone be interested in a new linkup I am thinking about starting, called the Weekend Nostalgia Bloghop? I think it would either be on Saturdays or Sundays (maybe Sunday so as to separate it from 7QT on Friday), and in it you could feature a memory, a childhood toy, an heirloom, a song, something you miss, a place you used to visit, a favorite Doctor Who episode (haha)...something nostalgic to you personally. In fact, if we do it more than once, it could have a different theme each time (movie, toy, song, etc.). This would be the button:
What do you think? We could even make it a one-time thing (you choose whatever subject you want to write about), or monthly...? If monthly, I could prepare a 12-month plan with a prompt for each month. Anybody interested in participating? Would anyone be interested in co-hosting?

Where. Right here, right now. I had a freak-out day this week, as I sometimes do when I start feeling like I'm getting "stuck" or the future looks like it is not approaching quickly or clearly enough. I eventually have to 1) sleep (that is usually the problem), 2) divert my attention somehow, and 3) remind myself to focus on the present day, the present moment. When I realize that at this minute I am just fine, I usually get past the angst a little more easily.

Today (Thursday) was a rough day for me, too, but I won't go into detail about that. (I know, sorry for whining....) But I am going to keep my head up! Tomorrow is a new day, right? And really, in the larger scheme of things, I'm doing pretty well. 
When. I will be finishing my thesis this month and officially earning my master's degree September 1st. 
Why. I just sat there and looked at my new tv without even turning it on. For a while. Why? Because, besides lacking a necessary cord to hook everything up, this is the first tv I have had in three years. Fancy that - I've got my very own movin' picture box! 'S wonderful. 'S marvelous. I still can't figure out how all those people fit in there.... A friend at work gave it to me. Evidently, she gives away a lot of tv's. I'm grateful to have benefited! And just in time for football season, too! This will be the first Fall I haven't been a full-time student in like a decade, so I might even actually have time to watch some football!! (GO BUCKS!)
How. To peel a banana. I always used to peel them by yanking on the stem until, hopefully, it split down one of the sides. Occassionally, after toiling endlessly and working up a sweat, I would succeed. But a few years ago a friend let me in on a little secret someone learned from a monkey. If you split a banana peel from the bottom (not the stem), it is so much easier. Yeah, I was skeptical, too. Try it. You'll see. Just know, your life is about to change. You're probably going to start eating bananas with (or for?) every meal now just for the primitive joy of peeling them. (But that's okay, cuz they're really healthy.)

You're welcome.
This. And if that wasn't enough. Here is something else banana-related that will even further change your life. *Make sure to read the reviews* for countless testimonies of this product's life-changing powers. It might even save your marriage someday. Truth. Reviewers don't lie.
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  1. I can recall the very first episode way back in 1963. It out lived my dear husband who thought it great and now 50 yrs on it's still going strong.

    Great post and enjoyable to read.

  2. Great post
    wanna follow each other?

  3. Hi, loved to co-host Nostalgia Blog Hop. Let me know when you want to get started or send me a schedule. Do you want a list of possible prompts? This sounds so much fun.

    1. I would love to have you co-host! I'm now following you. How about we each come up with 6 prompts, and we will make it once each month for 12 months? My email is muddyoh@yahoo.com (I will possibly erase this comment later so that is not so blatantly listed on my blog....) Maybe we can start the end of July or beginning of August?

  4. The Nostalgia Bloghop sounds like it will be fun.

    My son had told me about peeling the banana from the bottom instead of the stem. I haven't tried it yet. I never remember to try it when I'm peeling a banana.

    I've seen those banana slicers before. It might make slicing a banana easier/faster, but then you have to get into each of of those individual sections to clean them out.

  5. Yeah, good idea, about the Nostalgia Bloghop thingy... My family has different ways of doing alot of things, peeling the banana upside down is one of them!
    Your posts are always humorous, I always crack a smile if not burst into fits of giggles, that no one can understand... :)
    It's always a pleasure reading your blog Melody!
    -Cedar Sunshine


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