I Surrender

I went out to Shoal Creek for a little while this afternoon, and I was the only one there! It was so peaceful...there was a backdrop of rich fall colors and a cool breeze! I love the constant, heavy sound the water makes as it dives over the rocks.

As I sat there on the rocks (enjoying my Americano from
Starbucks!), I couldn't help but think about worship. I've been in
a "poetic" mood the last couple of days, and I was composing a poem in my head. My intention was not to share it with anyone; I was simply inspired to worship God in a creative way as I beheld His majestic scene before me.

It reminded me of David. I wonder how many times he sat under a tree, looking out at his grazing sheep, and composed songs for his God, the thought never crossing his mind that anyone else would ever be privy to his intimate words of worship. He didn't write them in order to make a living. He didn't even write them with the hope that others could identify and worship along with him. He simply poured his innermost being out to God with the most lovely words (or, in some of the Psalms we now have, in bitter anguish!) he could think of. And he never needed a marketing manager for his music. God shared David's songs with the world.

To me, worship is kind-of like floating in that calm pool of water just below the waterfall. The powerful noise and rock-shaping force of the water offers a sense of shelter and security, while the cool water around me lifts the deep things within me to the surface. I simply lie there and rest, and allow God to see my true self as it skims along the top of the water above me. What a safe, comforting place it is!

A couple of songs that came to mind today: Lincoln Brewster's "Surrender," and an old church chorus:
"Would you be poured out like wine upon the altar for Me?
Would you be broken like bread to feed the hungry for Me?
Would you be so one with Me that I can do just as I will?
Would you be light and life and love, My Word fulfill?"

God, let my life be a pure drink offering to You, like the translucent, gleaming white of the waterfall as it jumps from the cliff and surrenders its all to You!


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