Some Good Times With Mom and Dad

Today I want to share some happy memories of my parents.

First Dad. When I first got my driver's license, I worked at McDonald's in Carey (about a 20-minute or so drive from our house in Sycamore). Occasionally they would let me drive the van to work. They did not have insurance that would cover me as a driver, so Mom almost never let either my older brother or me drive, and when she did, she was extremely cautious and worried the whole time.

One day I decided to take the scenic route to work, and took some back roads that went past my Uncle jim and Aunt Betty's house in the country. So, even though there were no cars there and likely no one was home, I was so excited to be DRIVING past their house that I started honking and waving...and NOT taking my foot off the gas.... I forgot there was a sharp turn in front of their house...with a steep ditch and a field beyond....

Long story short, I left van tracks in the field. It was not my aunt and uncle's field. I got out of the field and made it to work, but CSI had recently become popular on television, and I was just sure the police were going to study the tracks in the field and trace the havoc back to me...and I would end up rotting in a jail I called home to fess up. And I specifically asked for Dad, because for some reason, he was less likely to kill me for what I'd done. And he took the news very well, and it was forever our little secret from Mom.

Another car story with Dad...when I first started driving with my permit, they had gotten me a $250 yellow '77 Chevette that barely qualified as a vehicle, and one day Dad rode with me while I drove it into Sycamore. And the hood came up and blocked my view as I drove down 67 from Belle Vernon. It never even crossed my mind to pull over, so I just stuck my head out my window to see and kept driving. Ever so patiently Dad looks over and says, "Umm...are you going to stop?" :D

And one more memory with Dad involved playing a friendly game of Euchre one night with Bobby and joe Turner at their house when I lived there. I forget exactly what we were talking about, but to illustrate whateve I was saying, I asked everyone, "Haven't you ever blown in a cat's ear?" And I took it for granted that they all had.... Dad looks over his hand of cards at me from across the table, cocks his eyebrow and says, "No, I can't say that I have...." And everyone laughed at me for a VERY LONG TIME.

Mom, on the other hand, was always cooking. It's what she did. And I don't care who you are, my mom cooks better than yours, I'm pretty sure of it. So what I remember about Mom was how we would always have TGIF and movie nights on Fridays with David and jesse and sometimes Holly (my Uncle Dave's kids), and Mom would always keep the popcorn coming.

And when I would spend the night at my cousin jessica's house, we would always call Mom and ask for for french toast and fudge and stuff like that. And Mom would always make spaghetti for jess and send some home with her because she loved it and no one else at her house did.

And last Christmas (two thousand eight), Mom had printed out three recipes for me that I particularly wanted (caramel popcorn, buckeyes and pumpkin roll) and made two of them with me to demonstrate how it was done. (I often give her a hard time and accuse her of not teaching me how to cook, so I think that was her way of shutting me up!)

Occasionally Mom and I would slip out to a movie with no boys, too. Three movies I remember going to see with her are Dr. Giggles, Sister Act, and What Women Want (with Mel Gibson...oh yeah!).


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