Nothing Shall Separate Us From the Love of God in Christ

Psalm 68:6 says that "God setteth the solitary in families...."

Just a few brief thoughts on that...

It has been a joy and a comfort to experience this promise in my own life. When I lived in Ohio, I moved in with my pastors when I was 18, two years after my brother had committed suicide - I was a depressed, grieving, lonely teenager who needed love from people who were not dealing with the same intense loss I was dealing with (i.e., my family). God gave me that in these pastors and their children. I had only known them for a brief time; I don't even remember exactly how the transition was made; I just know that that living situation was an influential shaping experience in my life. God set the solitary in a family.

Then I moved to Missouri where I knew no one; and again, I have experienced people who owe me nothing, taking me in and making me part of them. I spend holidays with these people, I keep their children overnight, I vacation with them - I live life with them. And also again, these people are my Christian brothers and sisters.

I just found out through Facebook that a couple I knew in Ohio (who are pastors at another church) just recently decided mutually with a young man and his family to accept him in a covenant relationship as their son. They agreed that "nobody can back out- we are family now- not by law or blood but by love- just like our blood families and just like our friendships." I RESPECT AND APPRECIATE THAT SO MUCH!! Because I have experienced the wonderful restoration, healing and growth such a relationship can bring.

I am simply amazed at the love of God, and at how His love flows and functions through His people, so that we really, truly become FAMILY. I believe Jesus' blood makes for stronger ties between people than the blood that actually flows through our very veins. What an inheritance! What a great gift that we have received the "Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father" (Romans 8:15). Indeed, we are loved!


  1. oh Melody! what beautiful thoughts! I love how you take EVERY situation and use it to GLORIFY GOD! Jesus' blood is so powerful isn't it! how wonderfully put!
    with Love in Christ,


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