Why Do I Believe?

My 17-year-old sister (who doesn't know I have a blog, and no one who reads my blog knows her) has told me recently that church "isn't her thing". This saddens me, and causes me to wonder if I have been the best example to her of real Christianity that I can be.

No, I haven't.

I had a small chance to redeem that tonight on the phone with her. I forget exactly how we got on the topic, but I shared with her why I serve God. Basically, I described to her how life without Christ is meaningless - I don't see the point of living and dying if there is not more to come. Why get up every morning and work my whole life...collect things...and then die and it all goes to someone else, and that's the end of me? What's the point?

The point is, I find purpose in Jesus Christ.

That is not the only reason I serve Him or believe in Him, but it is a major one.

I also told my sister that in recent months I have done some stupid things (that she knows about), riding the fence and not seeming to take my faith seriously. I was wrong for that. I know there is more to this Christian life than just reading theological books and learning more about God. It is possible to know Him!!

I believe God still heals. He still raises the dead. He still makes everyday life worth living. It's time I get my priorities straight and put forth an effort to draw near to Him again.

This life can be powerful, and I will not be happy until I experience that.


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